There are a number of theories and mysteries surrounding Boulia.  Some sources say that Boulia was named by the Pitta Pitta tribe after the waterhole Bulzoo Bulzoo, however the location of the waterhole is quite a distance from the Bulia waterhole.  Bulia is probably best known for the mysterious Queensland icon, the Min Min Light.  There are various yarns about the light sightings which are preserved and presented to visitors at the Min Min Encounter complex. 

One of the stories from a local stockman goes like this....."About 10.00 p.m. I was riding to Boulia and passed close to the Min Min graveyard. The night was somewhat cloudy. All of a sudden I saw a strange glow right in the middle of the cemetery. It got bigger until it was the size of a large watermelon. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched it hovering over the graveyard. I broke into a cold sweat as it started coming toward me. It was too much for my nerves. I dug the spurs into my horse and headed for Boulia as fast as I could go. Every time I looked back the light seemed to be following me. It only disappeared out of Boulia".

More than 100 million years ago Boulia was part of Australia’s inland sea and visitors are treated to an extensive marine fossil display at the Stonehouse Museum.  The museum also houses an array of historical artefacts from early settlers, including machinery, saddlery and hospital instruments.

For fishing enthusiasts,Yellowbelly and redclaw can be found at Parapituri Waterhole, the Police Barracks Waterhole and also in the Burke River.

For more information on Boulia, we recommend you view the Boulia Shire Council website 


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